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Established in 2009, CETTiGA Lighting is a trusted OEM/ODM partner to many global lighting suppliers due to specialization in professional LED down light design, development and production.

We have a team of experienced designers who are experts in developing products to market specific needs, meeting performance, quality and cost specifications.

CETTiGA has a full range of downlight and marketing know-how to serve ODM customers, and set market strategies to promote products in the target market.

We also working with exclusive agency with OEM partners protect customer developed intellectual property,market knowledge and confidentiality.

Our production facility, laboratory and design capability enable partners to fulfill their concepts and launch new products with minimal operations investment. We CETTiGA is your reliable factory in China. Let’s work together!

Currently our own-designed products are widely applied in shopping mall, hotel, exhibition hall, conventional center, museum, office, hospital, airport, school, living and dining room and etc.. We stick to the principle of “Customized OEM/ODM Lighting Design, Perfect Luminous Efficacy”

We have 9 series, Unicorn, Sebrine, Moon shadow, LC, Magic Shade, Fantasy, Grid, Shining, and hotel downlight series, which are fashionable and unique. Not only by the use of the most advanced materials and optimal optical accessories, but also with the exquisite workmanship, are our products fashionable and unique


Companies to talent for the capital, quality of survival as the principle, and actively continue to develop new products, to provide customers with the best quality
lighting equipment and lighting system solutions to meet the designers and owners of the perfect pursuit of light environment!
Let us explore the charm of light!