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Type of Lighting


Directional lighting

Directional lighting is a lighting scheme that involves the crucial placement of lights. The shadows, interaction, shape and texture of what is being illuminated all must be considered. This type of lighting must be carefully planned so as define specific features while on overshadowing others. Safety and maintenance are also important.

Up Lighting

Up lighting is exactly as it sounds – the lights are placed on ground level and point upward, casting dramatic swathes of light. This type of lighting is designed to highlight architectural and landscape features, although light shields and specific types of fixtures must be used in order to keep the light carefully aimed and not overpowering.

Down Lighting

Down lighting is a lighting scheme in which the lights are placed above what they are supposed to illuminate. While this type of lighting can be used for special effects, it is also very useful for safety and security as well. The main thing to consider when designing and installing down lighting is maintenance, as it can be tricky to replace bulbs and main fixtures if they are too hard to reach. CETTiGA Lighting provides full range of commercial downlights with long-life and high quality, in order to save a lot of maintance work.

Wall Wash Lighting

This type of lighting consists of a wash of soft, gentle light that makes more of an aesthetic statement than a practical one.

Area Lighting

Area lighting is practical lighting that illuminates a large area. It isn’t intended to accent any specific features, objects or textures, and instead is meant for more useful purposes. If you play a lot of sports in your yard and want a space where you can toss around a football after dark, then you would use area lighting in that space. However, because area lighting can flatten your perception, it wouldn’t be used in an area where social gatherings occur, like a patio.


Spotlighting is a type of lighting that illuminates a sole feature, such as a tree, a fountain, a statue or a flag. The trick in arranging a spotlight properly lies in enhancing the featured subject, not throwing a bright glare at it.


Shadowing can happen with proper up lighting, down lighting and even spotlighting. It occurs when the light hits a particular item, like a tree or a fountain in such a way that a beautiful and shapely shadow appears on the wall behind it



Silhouetting is very similar to shadowing, and involves showing off very bold details, not just general shapes. It works best with interesting patterns or unusual shapes occur.

Security Lighting

Security lighting eliminates hiding spots and provides plenty of visibility without a lot of glare. This allows you to see who or what is outside clearly. This type of lighting needs to be strategically placed, and should be designed to be useful but not ugly.

Pathway Lighting

If you truly want to turn your landscaping into something beautiful, then consider putting in pathway lighting. These lights are low to the ground and project light along both sides of a pathway or walkway. They should be both beautiful and practical, and help people see where they are walking after dark.


Moonlighting is an interesting feature that involves strategically placing a mercury lamp in a tree. It is very useful in an area that doesn’t receive a lot of natural moonlight for any reason.

Water and Pond Lighting

If you have a small pond, a fountain or a water feature in your yard, then underwater lighting may become a part of your landscape lighting design. This type of lighting can be set up in order to highlight a waterfall or underwater objects. It also increases safety, since it is obvious where the water features are in your yard.

Step Lighting

Step lighting can increase safety and prevent accidents as it illuminates the steps in your yard. You can choose to embed LED lights on the edges of the steps, place the lights on risers, put them under the steps or simply place a few along the sides of the steps. Any combination of these will work.

Type of Lighting
Type of Lighting
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